The Big Room at UCSF Medical Center

Project Scheduling

Our in-depth knowledge of project scheduling ensures capture of critical activities required of all team members for project planning, review and approvals, funding, design, construction, commissioning, move-in and close-out. A well-designed schedule is the key for the proper sequencing of tasks for cost-effective allocation of resource throughout all phases of the project and the productive flow of labor and materials during construction.

Master Schedule Development & Updating

Successful projects require realistic schedules. We have in-depth experience in assembling and maintaining Master Schedules from the initial programing stage through commissioning, fit-up and move-in. CCM is versed in the latest scheduling technologies (Primavera 6, MS Project, etc.) and methodologies (critical path, pull planning) to develop and maintain detailed project time lines. We coordinate and lead regular schedule update meetings throughout all phases of the project to ensure clear communication of critical dates to designers, contractors, and clients.

Workflow Analysis

We apply proven techniques to analyze schedules for logic and optimization of resources including line of balance work flow analysis and Earned Value Analysis to manage cash flow. Utilizing our risk management tools instills confidence in schedules needed for complex projects.

Pull Scheduling

CCM’s experience with implementing and managing pull scheduling sessions with trade contractors improves workflow throughout all phases of construction. Pull scheduling places the responsibility and authority for planning and sequencing the work on the team members that carry out the work in the field.

Pull scheduling works backward from key project milestones to identify all tasks necessary to complete the work. The team works collaboratively to remove constraints to increase reliable workflow, and maintain project milestones and schedules.